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I’m playing an hour set at 8pm on record store day in Dallas



How cool is it that I played The milk-eyed mender at work today without even knowing that today was its ten year anniversary

If we could lay on the ocean bay,  where i used to speak of the levels of delicacy of an atlas moth, I’d tell you how beautiful it is to stick your fingers into the ground and untangle a twisted root
Though your heart is fickle, mine stays put

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tumblr feels less and less special to me everyday. i can’t even post something without feeling a little uncomfortable. I met a lot of my friends and significant others on here and i depended on them so much. hell i even fell in love with someone i met on tumblr. but i realized that it takes a real genuine person to care about someone you’ve never actually met. not trying to make anyone feel less of a human being…i think you are all wonderful. but truthfully it is rare that someone on here actually cares how my day went…it’s just something you ask. friends will soothe you for the meantime and then move on. tumblr is just for passing time. i’m here to post poems and tunes now and i think that’s it

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Quit school > quit job > pursue dreams

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I am tired of people thinking that words from the mouth of a male are more reliable than the words from a woman. Last night I was playing The Milk-Eyed Mender at work and to  my surprise someone noticed and first thing he said is “you know she’s married to Andy Samberg?” and I nodded and thought why the hell does that even matter? it shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t have gotten annoyed at that, but I did. What annoyed me the most though was that my co-worker swept over my words and recommendations about Joanna so easily to indulge in words and recommendations from a guy who couldn’t even name her second album.

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you were always so scared to flutter away
constantly searching for what you already owned
day dreaming of moth wings and of a person who wouldn’t dare to leave you alone
funny you didn’t realize you were an atlas moth and that my eyes wouldn’t leave your direction
six months passed and I still couldn’t grab your attention
you romanticize the simplest things, add too much milk to your coffee
drown your dreams and replace them with sorrow
“break her heart, move on to another”

your voice is haunting in the most beautiful way 

ahh you are too kind !! i cannot stop blushing thank you so so much! :’)

The sky- so pink and it faded into purple
And our hearts- working like engines
Feeling so lonesome after you pressed your nose onto my neck and told me I was a rare flower that continued to bloom after the sunset
I changed your direction and told you about my favorite Dylan songs- how they sound the same
Closed my eyes and hoped I would wake somewhere foreign
Closed my eyes and hoped that, to the right of me, there would still be someone laying

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Happy Saturday friends! I put Open Eyes and Night Skies, my debut EP, and Bad Winds back up on my bandcamp page! All are available for free download!

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happy (late) holidays friends! hope all is well. going to start on the next release very soon hopefully. also, to those who wanted holiday cards, I am sorry I’ve neglected to start them, but I will soon!

happy (late) holidays friends! hope all is well. going to start on the next release very soon hopefully. also, to those who wanted holiday cards, I am sorry I’ve neglected to start them, but I will soon!

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a couple of photos from the show i played last friday…heh!

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I can finally say I have lived
The past season I traveled east, north, & south
Throughout the week I start to think of you, but instead redirect my most in depth thoughts
For I will not let you hold me back or let you control my emotions
Eventually stop the day dream: the long drive, the time spent at your couch, undressing and our naked skins touching after being so vocally intimate, after watching all your favorite movie scenes
Instead I will continue living and find a new day dream

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fickle and like drums
used to running at an unsteady pace
once an ambler at the fifth
chose a flight of stairs
and a new lover to walk with
he doesn’t like the taste of cigarettes
but he kisses her anyway

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